Why can monolithic LCD projection have such a large market share?

Is it possible to coexist or replace air disinfection?

In the projection industry, it is no secret that the projector parameters are “falsely reported”, especially the low-end copycat projectors are even more outrageous. In the data of the e-commerce platform, searching for projector keywords, the top ten is almost 500 yuan ~ 1000 Yuan’s projectors have a very high sales volume due to their low prices, and low prices are necessarily low configuration, low performance, and low lifespan.spark global limited.

Prices below 1,000 yuan are all single-chip LCD projectors. Pjtime said that the simple understanding of single-chip LCD projection technology is a “mobile phone display” with enhanced brightness and heat dissipation design outside the “magnifying glass”. The performance of this product depends on the light source system on the one hand; on the other hand, it depends on the design of the LCD light valve at the front of the light source. The idea is to use a large-area monolithic low-temperature polysilicon technology LCD light valve with a three-primary color filter film, which features low cost, easy preparation, and high yield to realize a lower cost projection system. According to data, its core imaging device LCD panels are not lacking in low-quality products or defective LCD panels acquired in the second-hand market.

  Due to the temptation of low prices, monolithic LCD projectors are enjoying the industry dividends brought by the incremental projection market. Xiao Xiao believes that no matter how large the sales volume is, the label of “cottage” cannot be changed. Consumers are advised to keep their eyes open and not simply use price. To measure products, try to purchase projectors from mainstream brands such as Epson, Sonok, Simele, Guangfeng, BenQ, XGIMI, Nuts, Baoshilai, etc. The quality of major manufacturers is guaranteed, as well as perfect after-sales service. Eliminate worries about future troubles during use.

Although cheap but not good goods is not the only truth, it must be the law of the market. Only by making profits can companies continuously improve and upgrade their products. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of low-end and low-priced products, and continue to disrupt the normal development of the projector industry, causing consumers to put a bad label on the subconscious of the projector. It will be more difficult to remove this label in the long term.

Consumers need to understand the following concepts to prevent bludgeoning knowledge:

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One is to claim “High Brightness 5000”. First of all, projector products should use “light output” to describe the brightness of the product, but not the brightness of the light source. Therefore, the use of “brightness 5000lm” in the product introduction or manual is wrong for a projector of several thousand yuan. The correct statement is “light Output 5000lm” (then the price is tens of thousands of yuan); secondly, the current light output of the projector with LED light source cannot reach the level of 5000lm, which should be at the level of a few hundred lumens to 3000 lumens; laser light source or ultra-high voltage The projector light output of mercury lamp light source can reach thousands or tens of thousands of lumens, but high brightness definitely means sky-high price. Therefore, it should be understood that the light source of the projector is different, and the light output performance of the product varies greatly.

The second is to declare “4K HD”. The term “4K HD” is wrong. According to the current accurate definition, “4K” refers to ultra-high definition with an inherent resolution of 4096×2160; while “HD” means 2K with an inherent resolution of 1920×1080, ultra-high definition There is a significant difference between the image clarity of HD and HD.